The iPad came in last Thursday ... love it ... Thanks Project Endeavor for offering this program.



  Thanks to the iPad, my best friend... Sister in Law... and you who provided me this opportunity with the "Love of My Life... iPad". I am still living alone but no longer overwhelmed with loneliness ! read more


  Able to stay in constant contact with family members... and is now a "hip" grandmother to all 17 grandchildren! read more


  Project Endeavor sold me an iPad 2 for over 40% less than I could find after a rigorous search of the deepest discount outlets. But I never felt I received a discounted product or service. Their highly professional team made both the application and order process a breeze with delivery only taking 4 days. I am extremely grateful for their commitment to make top-shelf communication devices more accessible to those of us who need them the most.

-Edward F. Ogiba, President          
Hearing Loss Association of Sarasota          

  I am proud of Project Endeavor that provides deaf people with technology. I hope that the program continues.


  I thank you for your service is it greatly appreciated.


Retirement ! Is that what the average full blooded American ponders after they reach the magic age of 55 ,dubbed as "Senior Citizen?” We now qualify for discounts and other amenities of the sort. However, sadly to say, accompanying this stage in life it also opens other unwanted doors. Mine happened to be a myriad of doors. Truthfully, after being gainfully employed, I wanted to explore the world. Moreover, I wanted to be carefree to wake up late in the mornings, stay awake until dawn, eat popcorn instead of dinner and not have concerns for the "rat race." 'Twas not to be! Who me? Finally retiring at age 60, 62, 65,67 and finally at 71. Various and sundry employment opportunities sandwiched between retirements and some boredom enticed me to return to the work force. During my professional years, I enjoyed the pleasures of being a wife, mother, grandmother and great -grandmother. In addition to being a Registered Interpreter for the Deaf in Colleges, Public Schools, State Schools for the Deaf, Churches, Video Relay, and Governors Inaugurations.

I also ventured into avenues through numerous other open doors. A stint with the Feds as a SSI Coordinator; State Child Abuse, Neglect Investigator; Mental Health Professional placing Developmentally Disabled Deaf Adults into the Community; CETA program for potential school dropouts; owning and operating an Antique/ Jewelry Shop; Authoring a book; Designing and selling Figurines, jewelry and other items ( with the deaf in mind ).

In the meantime, I raised 5 boys and 1 daughter, while assisting my Deaf husband as a Missionary to the Deaf for 35+ years. This avenue led to an unexpected divorce at age 50; a subsequent 20 year marriage to a Hearing Man, only to be widowed at age 70. Then Whammo! The physical problems accompanying the aging process raised its ugly head to attempt to bring my once active life to a screeching halt! Following was the Breast Cancer( a total radical mastectomy and 5 years of oral chemo.) : Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement: laprostrophic hernia repair followed by MRSA, followed by a severe hearing loss, 4 strokes, resulting in admission to Rehab in a Nursing Home : accidental chemical inhaling of a meth lab above my apartment resulting in permanent damage to my vocal chords. Two months later, my home was severely damaged in the Cave Spring Tornado of 1911. Two weeks later, my #3 son, a Purple VP Interpreter for the Deaf was critically injured in a firey automobile crash. Suffice to say, I began to lose hope of a real desire to live. Fighting deep , deep depression, I just sat in my rented apartment, (my house rented out by my children ), and had Pity Parties by myself . (My sister in law didn't want to attend either ). She is the one who encouraged me to write another book ! The desires for anything was nil . THEN ...... I attended a Deaf Basketball Tournament and there lay ahead of me were NEW and innovative avenues via new technology at their Venue ! My hearing loss (even though I am a CODA, a former provider for Deaf services), qualified me to become a consumer of these opportunities. Video Relay and the offer of THE iPAD . The VP was installed in February of 2012 and a month later on my 72nd birthday (March 29), The Love of My Life arrives . My neighbor had wrapped the package in shiny festive birthday wrapping paper . My life was to take on a new meaning! I now, through the I Pad, play Solitaire until I fall asleep ( without pills), keep up with the latest news, am a Social Butterfly, fulfilling a long awaited dream of playing piano ( the songs I play are from my "you tube" ) in a Mexican Restaurant , 3days a week ! The tips I receive go to support, Alzheimer's, Breast Cancer, missions for Baptist and Methodist Deaf. In addition, I am portraying Miss Pigee, at fund raisers, and plans are to enter the Ms. Senior Citizen Contest at the County Fair , October ,4th. I stay busy and in touch! Thanks to the I Pad, my best friend..... Sister in Law.... and you who provided me this opportunity with the " Love of My Life..... I -pad". I am still living alone but no longer overwhelmed with loneliness ! I might add as a final NOTE : One of my favorite old timer Elvis songs that I play is entitled "You are my reason for living, you are my everything !" Thanks for a new lease on life.

Mrs. Barbara Ritze is a retired grandmother who enjoys spending time with her husband and other family members. For many years, Barbara used a computer to keep in touch with her far-flung family members until a neck injury prevented her from using the computer. Eventually she ceased using it completely in 2007 as bending over the computer caused painful flare-ups in the neck area.

A close friend of Barbara's informed her of a presentation on Project Endeavor in the local area at the end of March 2012. Barbara was unable to attend the event due to a previous commitment and the Outreach Specialist with Project Endeavor was able to arrange a home visit to review the equipment options at affordable pricing levels. After reviewing the options, Barbara selected the iPad 2 tablet, after inquiring if it had computing abilities, which was delivered at her home sometime in early May 2012. Prior to receiving the iPad tablet, Barbara kept up with news and events of her local Deaf club which were sent directly to her BlackBerry device. Barbara experienced challenges reading the e-news on the BlackBerry as the text was very small which made it difficult for her to read text and view small sized photos.

In 2002, Barbara's husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's which came on top of his existing chronic back problems. Using the BlackBerry device and other communication tools, Barbara stayed in touch with her 5 adult children every two weeks to update them on their father's health condition. Since receiving iPad through Project Endeavor, Barbara now talks with four of five adult children on a daily basis through FaceTime as those four all have iPads and she now even says "ILY" in sign language to her 17 grandchildren aged 25 to 2 years old.

Even during an emergency, the iPad came through for Barbara's husband. The husband was experiencing high fever with temperature at 103 degrees, Barbara texted one of her daughters to please go on FaceTime to discuss options. Both of them spoke through FaceTime and the daughter urged Barbara to take her husband to the hospital for immediate medical attention. The daughter would meet up with her parents at the hospital. By purchasing the iPad tablet through Project Endeavor at an affordable price, Barbara is now able to stay in constant contact with her family members without any painful flare-ups in her neck. Not only has iPad brought the family closer together, it also allowed Barbara to read e-news from her local Deaf club easily and clearly thanks to its wonderful zoom feature and mobility without tethering. Barbara is now a "hip" grandmother to all of her 17 grandchildren!

  ..but with the iPad, he has apps that he can play, just like a “regular” kid to entertain himself. And other kids are interested in seeing what games he has. So it has also become a social tool... read more

-- Sue Shaffer, President,          
Pennsylvania Parents for the Deafblind,          
  Shippensburg, PA          

  I am thankful to the Project Endeavor Program and iPad I received as I was able to communication using video relay.


  We think that Project Endeavor program is helpful to us as well as other Deaf. We saved a lot on ordering two items. We use them for e-mailing and videophone as long as we, the seniors or Deaf customers, are able to afford high speed internet and powerful routers. We do not think we would buy the Apple items like these at retail prices. We love our iPad 2 and iPod 4. They are working fine on all VRS.

-Edward and Donna Reitz, St. Augustine    

 Grateful and appreciate the support from Project Endeavor.
       read more

-- The Benedicts          

  We love our iPad, thank you so much for helping us with a discount.


  Amazing Service! I am 100% Satisfied


 Our family was hesitant to get the iPad 2 due to its high price in the stores. When Project Endeavor mentioned that they provided subsidized iPad 2's... we could not believe it. As soon we got the iPad 2, it brought more benefits that we ever imagined such as videoconferencing via FaceTime and Z4, movies/educational applications for the kids, and much more. We are thankful that Project Endeavor was able to help subsidize this cost! Carpe Diem!

-- Manny Johnson, Frederick, Maryland

  You provide a great service! I had no problem communicating with the staff either directly or by email.


Well, the main reason we wanted an iPad for Daniel is for easier and more accessible communication. We are working on transitioning him from the tactile/Velcro PECS to using the iPad with a few augmentative communication programs. We are using Tap to Talk right now. It will be a long process, because Daniel is very OCD, which means moving from the tactile symbols to the iPad will be a process for him, but in the long run well worth it! The tactile, physical little PEC cards are cumbersome, they get lost and destroyed, and the program that we use to make them (Boardmaker) is expensive and a very hard program to share. So if you are working with several support people, like speech, the teacher, OT, etc., it is hard to get the little icons made at the time you need them.

Move on the iPad and WOW! You can create the picture communication icon almost instantly by going on-line, finding what you need and saving it to the iPad. You can create vocabulary when you actually need it, in real-time! The “apps” that are available are inexpensive and easy to use. It has made it so much easier to give Daniel choices and to try to understand what he needs. Plus he loves to use it for entertainment. He has so very few things he can actually “do” independently – but with the iPad, he has apps that he can play, just like a “regular” kid to entertain himself. And other kids are interested in seeing what games he has. So it has also become a social tool.

We also wanted the iPad so that we can SKYPE with Daniel while he is away at school. Daniel goes to school 3.5 hours away from home, and he gets homesick by about the middle of the week. A telephone relay system is cumbersome and not transportable, so would do us no good if we were travelling away from home. Having the iPad(s) – (I have one too) makes communicating a breeze. Daniel seems to like being able to see us signing to him that we will see him soon and we are hoping that it will help with his homesickness mid-week.

For a year and half, Mrs. Ann Benedict has been at Frank's side as he battled cancer that entailed several hospitalizations and attending the treatment clinic for chemo treatments. Sometime in March 2012, Ann's BlackBerry device was starting to wear out which hampered communications with her husband, hospital staff, treatment team members and family members. As the primary caregiver, Ann did not have the luxury of shopping for new devices. She was distressed with her unreliable BlackBerry which was about to go kaput at any moment as her communication lifeline was about to be cut off. That is until she heard about a presentation in her area about Project Endeavor at the end of March 2012.

Due to recent hospitalization of her husband, Ann was unable to attend the Project Endeavor event. One of the Outreach Specialists with Project Endeavor was able to arrange a home visit the next day after the presentation to discuss equipment options at affordable pricing levels. After discussing Ann's needs, it was agreed that the most immediate need was to get an iPhone 4S smartphone through the program and that an iPad 2 tablet can be ordered afterward. Ann relayed to the Outreach Specialist that her adult daughter was due within a week to fly in from out of state to stay with Ann for two weeks and can lend assistance with the iPhone 4S set up.

After the home visit, an action plan was rapidly put in place by the Project Endeavor staff to process the order of an 'Phone 4S for Ann. In due course, the iPhone arrived. Fortuitously, the daughter had been on her way to the Apple store with Ann's iPhone when iPad 2 arrived on the same day. Meanwhile, different kinds of apps were downloaded into Ann's iPhone and Frank's iPad 2. Later on in the week, Frank had to stay overnight at the hospital for a few days and Ann was able to leave the iPad 2 tablet at Frank's bedside. For the first time, both Ann and Frank could communicate with each other directly without being in the same hospital room. The iPad has enabled Frank to talk with his wife, through Videophone, from his hospital bed while Ann was at their house in the evenings. Frank was also able to communicate with their daughter as well as their adult son on the East coast through VP.

Videophone (VP) is a video-based technology over broadband and/or wireless service that enables people with hearing loss to communicate with each other directly on 1:1 basis without having to use a TTY or going through the traditional Telecommunications Relay Service. Videophone is not dissimilar to Skype or with a webcam that the general public use when communicating with their loved ones or colleagues.

Ann has used the iPhone to arrange for professional American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters to communicate with the medical staff in person. The iPhone 45 has also enabled Ann to communicate with Frank's treatment team members and hospital staff immediately which keeps her up to date and informed on her husband's health status. Frank and Ann were able to connect directly thanks to the iPad 2 beside his hospital bed. Ann reports being "grateful and appreciates the support from Project Endeavor staff in getting the devices out to me so quickly while Holly (daughter) was in town! They are a lifeline to me and Frank."